Grief counseling and Therapy

Mourning is a natural process and everyone does it their own way

Mourning is a natural reaction to loss. This process helps you learn to live with the pain. Sometimes the natural process is unsuccessful and you lose contact with life. No one seems to be able to help. You are trapped by the pain.

Sadness, anger, guilt

You are at the mercy of the situation, drowning in your emotions. Not only do you feel sadness, but anger, fear and guilt also rule your life. When you mourn, your internal life goes into overdrive. You are probably tired and irritable. You have isolated yourself.

You can mourn many different things

When we think of mourning or loss the first thing that comes to mind is losing someone close like a loved one. But other things in your life can be taken away from you too, like the opportunity of having a child, your job, or your marriage. These losses also need to be mourned. Accept your loss, allow yourself to feel the pain, learn to adjust to the new situation and eventually learn to live again.

Mourning together is difficult

There are also situations during which you and your partner are faced with a mutual loss. The loss of a job, for instance, or a serious illness or the loss of a loved one. In such cases, it is important for both persons to work through the loss in their own way. But you can also mourn together with our help.

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