Stress and burn out therapy

Burn out

How do you recognize burnout? One of the most obvious signs is fatigue, but a lack of concentration, memory loss, insomnia and frequent melancholy could all be signs of burnout. The most significant cause is chronic over-exertion, not enough relaxation and experiencing no or insufficient pleasure in your work.

‘Burnt out’ says it all – you’re done, and you have nothing left to give. You’re empty.

You lose

You lose a lot when you suffer a burnout. In the first place, you lose yourself. But you also lose touch with your emotions and your self-confidence. Finally, you lose contact with those around you, the people who, in fact, want to help you become almost unbearable for you.

A burnout can be successfully treated with therapy

Many people will suffer a burnout at some time during their career. Over the years, we’ve given this a lot of attention and are able to treat burnouts quickly and successfully. We will help you revitalize your energy, and we’ll work towards showing you how to relax properly and effectively, how to spread your energy across your whole day, and teach you how to give but also how to receive.

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