Treatment for symptoms of anxiety

Living in fear

You are anxious. In fact, you are almost constantly afraid. Your life is focused around your fears. You’ve stopped doing things because of the fear. You avoid situations because of the fear. Your fear determines everything. You lose friends and you can’t to go to work. You don’t enjoy things that used to be a source of pleasure. Ultimately, all you have is your fear.

Fears in all shapes and sizes

General anxiety disorder

You fret and you worry constantly while in fact there’s really no need to. Still, you worry, but you’ve long since stopped voicing your fears because you are afraid that people will think you are a moaner. You isolate yourself and spend your time alone with your worries.

Neurotic or obsessive compulsive disorder

Not only are you anxious, you also have compulsive thoughts or actions. For example, you can’t seem to stop the ongoing train of negative thoughts and they consume you. Perhaps you constantly feel forced to repeatedly perform the same actions (e.g. compulsive washing because of a fear of contamination).


Phobias are specific fears. These may include fear of animals, objects or situations. As is the case with all anxieties, you are aware that these fears are ‘unreasonable’. But still … the problem with phobias is that you try to avoid the fear. This could have a significant impact on your life.

Don’t live in fear

The symptoms of anxiety can definitely be treated using the methods employed by the Expat Psychologist Practice. You are the key to your own liberation, but you don’t have to do it alone. That’s where we step in. We can help you.