Therapy with therapists in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague

Close, emphatic and without distractions

We use a wide range of therapies to help you. The methods and techniques used in your therapy entirely depend on you; on your issue and on who you are.

Let’s start from the beginning.

You will be treated within a caring environment. Besides being up to date in our profession, we are considerate, supportive, honest and warm. We could not succeed in any other way.

As a result, the treatment will offer you a certain amount of intimate comfort. You will feel at ease and you’ll feel free to say what comes to mind. That freedom is essential. We will never criticize anything you share with us.

In therapy

Following the first sessions, we will embark on our ‘journey’. We’ll stand next to you, give you feedback, show you alternatives, and point out to you how you behave in certain circumstances.

As a rule, our therapy provides our clients with excellent results. Your problems will vanish, or you will learn how to integrate them into your life. Come what may, you will rediscover yourself – and you will achieve all of this through your own strength.

Take a look at this

You can contact the Expat Psychologist in connection with a wide range of symptoms. Would you like to know more about various symptoms and types of therapy? Click on the links below:

  • Relationship and marriage counselling
    In relationship counseling we help you to break out of set patterns, to be open to the other’s feelings, emotions and desires, and to really see the other person again.
  • Treat your depression
    You are bleak, dejected, and have been feeling ‘empty’ for quite some time. Maybe you are having trouble sleeping, while at the same time you’re fatigued, you fret and are irritable, and you notice that you have difficulty concentrating.
  • We treat stress and burnout with therapy
    The most significant cause of burnout is chronic over-exertion, not enough relaxation and a lack of pleasure gained from your work. Fatigue may be a sign, but so could memory loss, insomnia and frequent melancholy.
  • Get rid of your anxieties with therapy
    You are almost constantly afraid. You have stopped doing certain things. You avoid things. Your fear determines everything.
  • Work through trauma with therapy
    After a traumatic experience you continued with your life, but the trauma didn’t go away completely. Clearly, the trauma has not been fully dealt with. Significant incidents like these need time and attention before they can be put to rest.
  • Working through loss and grief with counseling at the Expat Psychologist
    When we think of mourning or loss, we naturally think of losing a loved one. But other things in life can be taken away from us too, like the opportunity to have a child, our jobs, our marriages. These are also losses that need to sometimes be mourned.

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