Welcome Expat! Are you looking for a psychologist in the Netherlands that speaks your language? Our psychologists speak a variety of languages. For example: English, French, German and Polish. This website is primarily in English, but our psychologists can provide therapy in your own language.

Are you a Dutch expat, living abroad? For you, we have Dutch psychologists that can provide therapy through video chat.

Ben je een Nederlands Expat in het buitenland? We hebben ook Nederlandse Psychologen die beschikbaar zijn voor Skype / online therapie. Effectief, makkelijk en goed! Bekijk onze psychologen op videologen.nl.
The Expat Psychologists

Not alone any longer …

For all of us, there are times when we could do with some help. Help in finding new perspective, in learning how to cope, in regaining control over our own lives. We can work our way around many of the obstacles we face in life alone or with a little help from family and friends. But not all of them.
Some problems and questions in life leave you solitary. And no matter how much effort you put into ‘fixing this’, you cannot do it alone. And you don’t have to. We offer dedicated guidance in therapy and coaching. From now on, you’re not alone anymore.

Online therapy with video calling

Is it not possible for you to visit a psychologist? Or would you rather get help in your own familiar environment? Then online therapy is an excelllent form of therapy for you. And, it is just as effective as treatment in a therapist’s office. Read more about how online therapy works and how it can help you.

Professional psychological help, and personal involvement

We all have university degrees in psychology or psychotherapy and, with more than twenty years ‘in the field’, we can honestly say that we are an experienced group. We are registered with a number of different professional organizations, including the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, and we work in accordance with the proficiency requirements and professional codes of those organizations.