Complaints about The Expat Psychologist

We are registered with either the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP), the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) or the Dutch Alliance of Psychologists and Psychotherapists (NVPA). This means that in our practices we follow their specific complaints guidelines. These guidelines pertain to fairness, transparency and confidentiality.

You might, despite our carefulness, have a complaint about one of our practices or the treatment we provide. If this is the case, please feel free to talk to us about it. We will always listen to you and look for a way in which to turn it into a positive experience. However, if we can’t find a solution, you may approach the NIP, the NOBCO or the NVPA with your complaint.

The independent Disciplinary Colleges from the aforementioned organizations will deal with your complaint.

Any other questions? Call or email us.