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The Expat Psychologists is part of . We currently have 12 different Dutch psychologists that provide therapy in English. They can provide therapy over video chat or in person at their practice.

You can make an appointment or find out more about the psychologist through calling our service desk at 00 31 (0)85 – 4014720 or by sending us an e-mail by using the contact form.

(English) Mariefloor Fiksinski – Plekkenpol, Psychologist, Hilversum

Hoge Naarderweg 7H
1217 AB Hilversum

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About me
As a ‘Third Culture Kid,’ I understand what it is like to live abroad and experience a different culture. It is therefore not surprising that I am interested in this topic and have become a child and youth psychologist. I have worked at various international schools with children and adolescents from different cultural backgrounds. The different cultural backgrounds are a source of inspiration for me to start a conversation about growing up in a new environment. I also advise parents how to support their child with their behavior. Furthermore, I also like to work with young adults. They are in the prime of their lives and they will have to make important choices to learn to stand on their own two feet. For some young adults this is a challenge, I will help you find your path.

In addition to my work, I do yoga and I enjoy dancing. I also like to travel – and of course preferably to as many countries as possible to learn more and more about different cultures.

Dedicated to your development

Working methods
During therapy I will help you to better handle the obstacles in your life and take on new challenges. During the first conversation we will get to know each other. Visual puzzles and non-verbal and verbal tasks will be used so that I can learn more about your interests and hobbies. We will discuss what you are struggling with and what you would like to work on, but we will also discuss what is going well in your life. It is important that you feel comfortable with me. After the first conversation, I will set up a treatment plan with your therapy goals which will be regularly evaluated.

The client comes first. I would like to get to know you in an informal and friendly way. I will focus on your strong qualities, work with you to find the best solution for your problems or/and support your parents. It is also possible to conduct a psychological assessment to investigate your learning, social-emotional and behavioral difficulties. Afterwards you and your parents will receive practical tools to support you with your development. From a holistic view, I will help you to map out your growth opportunities so that you can reach your full potential.

(English) Kim Gijsbers, Psychologist, Eindhoven

Aalsterweg 89B
5615CB Eindhoven

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About me
Everything we experience shapes us into unique individuals. For me, working as a psychologist means helping someone become a more stable individual while remaining true to themselves. The bond of trust I can provide to someone is very special to me. It remains remarkable when someone tells you that you are the first person with whom they dare to share their entire story. An open atmosphere where no topic or emotion is taboo is, therefore, the most important thing for me in my practice.

In both my work and in my spare time I like to be creative. As a psychologist, this is mainly using my mind, but in my free time I like to work with my hands. From drawing and painting to DIY projects around the house and making costumes. Other than that, my weekends are often filled with fun activities, and I love to go out and grab some food and drinks with friends.

Working method
I approach each story with an open and curious mind and work from a genuine interest in the person behind the problem. During the first session I want to get to know you and your story: what are you struggling with, but also, what is already going well? After all, you are more than just your symptoms. Besides that, I find a personal connection very important. You should feel comfortable and not feel the need to keep anything to yourself.

After this, we will work on a personalized plan of action. After all, effective therapy is personalized and aimed at finding a balance in life that is different for each person. I use a number of different methods of treatment – some are focused on talking and others are more practical. In the early stages of therapy, we mainly focus on getting a better understanding of what is going on. Then, we proceed to taking action and making changes.

(English) Susanna Nijenhuis, Psychologist, Hoofddorp

Antareslaan 65
2132 JE Hoofddorp

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About me

Life can be challenging at times. I am convinced – because of science and my experience as a psychologist – that psychotherapy can help you heal and grow while facing your challenges.

I have an international background and have lived and worked in Austria, Hungary and since 2005 in the Netherlands. Because of this, I have a keen eye for cultural differences and difficulties within a relationship, at work or regarding the meaning of life. During my 20 years of professional experience I worked partly in health care – as a clinical psychologist and therapist – and partly in international corporations as a consultant and manager. But eventually I followed my heart: I specialized in couples therapy and counselling and started my own psychotherapy practice.

Besides my work, I am also a partner, mother of two children, a devoted dog owner and an avid reader.

Only you can know what your direction in life is, but I can help you see the paths and make your decisions.


The aim of psychotherapy is change, getting clarity and understanding of your needs and finding the paths to those needs. As a psychologist, I will help you in this process. You are welcome to come alone, but also with your partner.

During our first meeting we will discuss what you are struggling with and what your wishes are. Also, I will tell you about my methods and how psychotherapy can help you or the two of you. For me it is important to build a therapeutic relationship in which we trust each other. So in other words, to create a safe environment where you feel safe to talk about heavy emotions or thoughts and feel understood. That is the foundation and from there we proceed. I use my knowledge of counselling, humanistic and existential psychotherapy and systemic thinking. By doing so, we work together toward the change you desire.

Janeen Prinsloo, Psychologist, Eindhoven

Daalakkersweg 2-82
5641 JA Eindhoven

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If you are looking for my English profile, you can find it here.

Estefania Tessier, Psychologist, Den Haag

Raamweg 4
2596 HL Den Haag

English | Italian | Spanish |

Mi nombre es Estefanía Tessier y soy psicóloga clínica especializada y analista de comportamiento certificada por el Board americano (BACB). Actualmente tengo sede en La Haya pero anteriormente, he trabajado como psicóloga clínica en España, Reino Unido y Países Bajos.

Mi objetivo es asegurarme de que te sientas parte del proceso en cada paso, para que podamos trabajar juntos logrando los resultados que estas buscando.

Primera sesión

La primera sesión es una sesión muy importante. El objetivo es comprender mejor tu situación y hacer que te sientas escuchado y apoyado por un profesional en la salud mental.

Juntos diseñaremos un plan de intervención específicamente adaptado a tus circunstancias y necesidades. El plan de intervención incluye tus preferencias y objetivos, así como una forma de realizar un seguimiento de la efectividad del plan de tratamiento.


Es fundamental que te sientas parte del proceso, por eso me aseguraré de que la terapia se adapte a ti y a tus necesidades. Creo que la creatividad y un enfoque dinámico son claves para la creación de recursos y ejercicios específicos que pueden beneficiarte al máximo. De esta forma podemos obtener los resultados deseados trabajando juntos.

Sobre mí

Mi misión como psicóloga es utilizar mi conjunto de habilidades, formación, conocimiento y experiencia para ayudarte a superar los desafíos de se presentan en tu vida.

Vivimos en un entorno de gran complejidad, que evoluciona a un ritmo vertiginoso. Sin embargo, no existe una guía que funcione para todos los desafíos de la vida y para todas las personas. Varios eventos en mi vida me hicieron darme cuenta de mi pasión por el campo de la psicología desde muy joven.

Experiencia laboral

He trabajado como psicóloga clínica en España, Reino Unido y ahora Holanda. Estoy especializada en enfermedades del neurodesarrollo y problemas de aprendizaje. Tengo experiencia en diagnóstico, evaluación, intervención y planes de mantenimiento con personas de todos los rangos de edad y diferentes condiciones.

He tenido el privilegio de trabajar para organizaciones de salud mental reconocidas internacionalmente, donde mi conocimiento y habilidades especializadas mejoraron a través de la participación en una amplia variedad de proyectos.

Mi despacho

El Het Coachhuis se encuentra cerca de la estación de tren The Hague CS. Aproximadamente es un paseo de 10 minutos. También es posible llegar a Het Coachhuis en transporte público. El tranvía 9 (hasta Scheveningen Strand) y el autobús paran frente de la puerta.

También, es posible aparcar en las inmediaciones de Raamweg. Para coches eléctricos: hay un punto de recarga cercano en Wassenaarseweg 6.

(English) Lia Sotiriou, Psychologist, Leiden

Groene Maredijk 100
2334 CT Leiden

English | Greek |

Gerlinda Smit, Psycholoog, Malaga

Online Psycholoog

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Ghislaine Regout, Psychologist, Arnhem

Nieuwe land 8
6828 DZ Arnhem

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Do you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut? Do you feel afraid, anxious, sad or stressed? As a psychologist, I can offer you support and listen to you without judgement. The therapy will be centred around your wishes, and by providing therapeutic treatment, I will offer you the help needed so you can get back on your feet. My aim is to help you straight away, so there are no waiting lists, and making an appointment outside of office hours is possible as well. I mainly work in Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Ede-Wageningen – and in London in the UK – but meeting up somewhere else, preferably in the region, can be discussed.


Eva Bastin, Psychologists, Amersfoort

Aziering 48
3823 WR Amersfoort

English | Polish |

Roberto Bini, Psychologists, Sittard

Stationplein 1
6131 AS Sittard

English | French | Italian |

Francine Wong Loi Sing-Witz, Psychologists, Amsterdam

Cas Oorthuyskade 110
1087 BB Amsterdam

English | German |

Sandra Aagenborg, Psychologists, Schore

Nieuwe Kerkplein 19
4423 AC Schore

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