The Expat Psychologists is part of We currently have 17 different Dutch psychologists that provide therapy in 9 different languages for example: English, French, German and Polish.. They can provide therapy over video chat or in person at their practice.

Are you a Dutch expat, living abroad? For you, we have Dutch psychologists that can provide therapy through video chat. Take a look at for more information.

(English) Matthijs Kruk, Psycholoog, Zwolle

The Expat Psychologists - (English) Matthijs Kruk

Danielle ten Bruggencate, Psycholoog, Den Haag

The Expat Psychologists - Danielle ten Bruggencate
  • Raamweg 4
    2515XP Den Haag

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Roberto Bini, Psychologists, Sittard

The Expat Psychologists - Roberto Bini

Francine Wong Loi Sing-Witz, Psychologists, Amsterdam

The Expat Psychologists - Francine Wong Loi Sing-Witz

Nathalie Wadhwa, Psycholoog,

The Expat Psychologists - Nathalie Wadhwa

If you are looking for my English profile, you can find it here.

(English) Ángela Caceres, Psycholoog, Utrecht

The Expat Psychologists - (English) Ángela Caceres
  • Catharijnesingel 56
    3511 GE Utrecht

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    Safe together

    Both my personal experiences and my professional choices had led me to the same conclusion: sharing our vulnerabilities make us stronger. Our mental health depends on how we have learned to develop healthy affective patterns and on how we create places of safety as surviving mechanisms. So, psychology for me is not just an individual matter and it is also related to the way we choose to bond with others in the context we belong to. My goal, then, is to create together a safe space where we can share our experiences and working hand in hand for finding the balance.


    I believe in the potential that each of us owns and in the particularity of our identities. During the processes with my clients, we are dedicated to recovering the skills and coping mechanisms to become resilient agents no despite ourselves but embracing who we are.


    Is that all? Of course no. We will begin by raising awareness of where we are and what we want. Mindfulness for me is a powerful tool that allows us to keep the focus on the present moment to better move to our chosen future.

Ricard Clark, Psycholoog, Rotterdam

The Expat Psychologists - Ricard Clark

Psychology is fascinating and I am fascinated by gaining knowledge about social relations. Dealing with people is one of the most difficult skills you will have to learn in your life, which is why I find it so interesting.

Life experience: I was born and raised in England, but after high school I went to study in the Netherlands. I studied clinical and health psychology at the University of Leiden and have been an independent psychologist since my graduation in 1990. Over the years I have gained the necessary life experience, both in my work as a psychologist and in other areas. That experience makes me a better care provider because everything cannot be learnt from a book.

Self-help: My goal is to help people get on the right track using scientific techniques. If necessary, I can point the way, but I believe you can do a lot yourself. By encouraging a certain degree of self-help, clients gain that extra confidence to get started fulfilling their goals and aspirations.

Being a participant: It is an honour to be a part of someone’s life as a psychologist. To participate in the process to help clients achieve their wishes and dreams. Clients sometimes say afterwards that they appreciated my help. That is good to hear.

Anna Diament, Psycholoog, Hoofddorp

The Expat Psychologists - Anna Diament

Psychologue Hilversum – Nicole van Gans, Psycholoog, Hilversum

The Expat Psychologists - Psychologue Hilversum – Nicole van Gans
  • Bosboom-Toussaintlaan 9
    1215 Hilversum

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  • Psycholoog Hilversum

Saviez-vous que le simple fait de regarder la verdure peut avoir une influence saine sur votre psychisme ? Au cours de nos conversations, l’effet curatif de la nature joue donc un rôle important.

Je m’appelle Nicole van Gans, je suis psychologue à Hilversum. Vous pouvez me contacter avec des problèmes divers, y compris des plaintes d’anxiété/angoisses, des épuisements et une dépression. Je travaille avec différentes méthodologies, y compris l’éco psychologie, des traitements dans la nature.

Il est important que nous ayons un clic suffisant et que vous ayez une affinité avec la méthodologie que nous choisissons ensemble. Ce que vous voulez réaliser est possible avec différentes méthodologies. Tout pousse là où votre attention se porte! Mon expérience est quevous progressez plus vite si vous travaillez avec des exercices pour résoudre vos symptômes. En réalité tout est lié à la focalisation : nous choisissons le domaine qui est important maintenant. C’est ce domaine où vous dirigez votre attention avec les exercices.

Liza Omran, Psychologists, Groningen

The Expat Psychologists - Liza Omran

Gerlinda Smit, Psycholoog, Malaga

The Expat Psychologists - Gerlinda Smit

(Ελληνικά) Lia Sotiriou, Psycholoog, Leiden

The Expat Psychologists - (Ελληνικά) Lia Sotiriou

Susannah Chernowitz, Psychologist, Leiden

The Expat Psychologists - Susannah Chernowitz

Geeske Wichers, Psychologists, Alkmaar

The Expat Psychologists - Geeske Wichers

(English) Eglė Naraškevičiūtė, Psycholoog, Eindhoven

The Expat Psychologists - (English) Eglė Naraškevičiūtė
  • Opwettensemolen 174
    5612 DK Eindhoven

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    I am Eglė Naraškevičiūtė, an Expat Psychologist in Eindhoven. Being a migrant myself, I help other internationals adjust to the new country, relationship changes, individual past, present and future challenges.

    My professional approach is centred around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy, which ideally fits in adjusting maladaptive mindsets and relationships in crisis—what is so common in the expat life!

    With individuals, we follow Cognitive Behavioural approach which helps to change negative self-talk and reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness or anger.
    With couples, we discuss relationship dynamic, learn to communicate and behave in a way that reduces the tensions and contributes to relationship growth.

    I have studied and gained experience in four different countries. Living in several places and having constant international interactions made me deeply familiar with expat problems not only through professional, but also personal level. I breathe expat experience—that’s how much I know it!

    I am also available for online therapy.

Sandra Aagenborg, Psychologists, Schore

The Expat Psychologists - Sandra Aagenborg

Edith Wachter, Psychologists, Maastricht

The Expat Psychologists - Edith Wachter

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In meiner Praxis begleite ich Menschen mit den unterschiedlichsten Beschwerden. Fühlen sie sich z.B. über eine längere Zeit müde und erschöpft, depressiv oder ängstlich? Haben sie das Gefühl, nicht zu wissen wie weiter. Fällt es ihnen schwer eine Entscheidung zu treffen? Sind sie unglücklich in ihrer Beziehung? Meine Behandlung soll ihnen helfen, wieder in Kontakt zu kommen mit ihren eigen persönlichen Stärken und letztendlich zu mehr Lebensfreude, Selbstvertrauen und Zufriedenheit mit ihnen selbst führen.

Mein therapeutisches Handeln basiert sich auf die Gesprächspsychotherapie von Rogers

Darüberhinaus bin ich geschult in Psychodrama
EMDR – Traumatherapie
und Familientherapie

Eva Bastin, Psychologists, Amersfoort

The Expat Psychologists - Eva Bastin

Ghislaine Regout, Psychologist, Arnhem

The Expat Psychologists - Ghislaine Regout

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Do you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut? Do you feel afraid, anxious, sad or stressed? As a psychologist, I can offer you support and listen to you without judgement. The therapy will be centred around your wishes, and by providing therapeutic treatment, I will offer you the help needed so you can get back on your feet. My aim is to help you straight away, so there are no waiting lists, and making an appointment outside of office hours is possible as well. I mainly work in Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Ede-Wageningen – and in London in the UK – but meeting up somewhere else, preferably in the region, can be discussed.


Rony Oosterom-Calo, Psycholoog, Amsterdam

The Expat Psychologists - Rony Oosterom-Calo

Are you looking for a therapist who speaks your language and understands your situation? Are you an expat or international student who is feeling lonely, depressed or anxious? Are you an international, multicultural and/or multilingual couple, facing challenges but wanting to feel better in your relationship? Or are you a parent, whose family is experiencing issues and need help navigating changes?

Living in another country is challenging. Getting used to living in a different culture, hearing another language, far away from family and friends, can take their toll. When living aboard, some people experience symptoms of anxiety and depression and face adjustment issues. Couples also face significant challenges and may place many expectations on each other. For families, living abroad can cause complex situations, with family members all needing to adapt to a new reality and start a new life.

As a professional psychologist, I understand your experience and can provide treatment. I can deeply relate to your situation from personal experience as well, as living abroad has been my reality since childhood. Growing up in an expat family, and moving abroad also later in my life, I have lived in numerous countries: Israel, Italy, Venezuela, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and USA. I grew up and still surround myself with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I can treat speakers of English, Dutch, Spanish and Hebrew.

Besides treating clients in my practice, I am also a scientific researcher at the department of Clinical Child and Family studies at the VU University and hold a doctorate (PhD) degree. I incorporate scientifically proven treatment methodologies in my practice.

Emma Harmsen, Psycholoog, Portugal

The Expat Psychologists - Emma Harmsen

Hanan Haddouch, Psychologists, Rotterdam

The Expat Psychologists - Hanan Haddouch

Suzana Cvetkovic, Psychologists, Eindhoven

The Expat Psychologists - Suzana Cvetkovic

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I came from Serbia when I was 29 years old. I had a university diploma in psychology and I was looking forward to begin a new chapter in my life. It turned out that my diploma here in the Netherlands was assessed on a bachelor level and I still wanted to do my masters. So I did it. And I learned Dutch. And I got married and got children.

I was already doing a volunteer work in my field, but I wanted to transition to a paid job. And then I was trying to figure out how to find my place in this society. At first, everything was so different than I was used to. Then I started getting used to the new ways of looking at life and dealing with different aspects of it. Things I once found strange became usual.