Relationship and marriage therapy

Sex and intimacy

Making love. This is how you express your love for one another in the most intense and intimate way. It is a naked, shameless dialogue. You surrender to one another with complete trust.

As beautiful as it is, it can also be fragile. It is as though, all your daily interactions are intensified in both a positive and a negative way. This is why many aspects of your relationship are reflected in your sexual dialogue.

Sex and the rut

You both lead busy lives in which your time is taken up by work, social obligations and maybe children. As a result, you can’t be bothered with going through the whole rigmarole of sex before you go to sleep. You also know each other’s bodies from top to bottom and sex has become a routine. The excitement and adventure has gone.

Sex and sadness

Maybe there are deeper problems with your sexual contact. Let’s face it, nothing is more intimate than sex. Not only is your body naked, your soul is too. And if something’s not right, you tense up. Discussing it is difficult. You don’t want to shortchange the other or yourself. It becomes awkward. One partner feels burdened, while the other doesn’t want to offend. You become estranged, and don’t know what the other wants anymore. Sexuality can therefore be a sign that you are experiencing relationship problems, but it may well be the cause of them.

And what about the children?

Mom and Dad are arguing. This confuses children, regardless of their age. It makes them miserable and raises questions that they can’t answer for themselves. They don’t understand what the arguments mean or what the consequences are. They still need your attention, even though you are both going through a difficult period. At the Expat Psychologist, we can help you guide your children, or talk things through with them.

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