The Expat Psychologists is part of . We currently have 17 different Dutch psychologists that provide therapy in 9 different languages for example: English, French, German and Polish. They can provide therapy over video chat or in person at their practice.

Are you a Dutch expat, living abroad? For you, we have Dutch psychologists that can provide therapy through video chat. Take a look at for more information.

Gerlinda Smit, Psycholoog, Malaga

The Expat Psychologists - Gerlinda Smit

Francine Wong Loi Sing-Witz, Psychologists, Amsterdam

The Expat Psychologists - Francine Wong Loi Sing-Witz

Hanan Haddouch, Psychologists, Rotterdam

The Expat Psychologists - Hanan Haddouch

Geeske Wichers, Psychologists, Alkmaar

The Expat Psychologists - Geeske Wichers

Kim Biesmans, Psychologists, Eindhoven

The Expat Psychologists - Kim Biesmans

Neuropsychological Practice Eindhoven (NPE) is a private practice in Eindhoven and Mierlo. NPE is a group practice with licensed therapists that offer psychological treatment and coaching for a wide range of symptoms and/or problems in (inter)personal or professional functioning. Our practice has a specialism in the field of clinical neuropsychology, which means that we rely on our knowledge of brain-behaviour relations. We use evidence-based treatment methods, and dare to make adjustments – based on scientific underpinnings – when needed. Our approach is best described as warm, professional and flexible.

Emma Harmsen, Psycholoog, Portugal

The Expat Psychologists - Emma Harmsen

Jeroen Rohde, Psychologists, Gouda

The Expat Psychologists - Jeroen Rohde
  • Anna van Hensbeeksingel 383
    2803 LW Gouda

    • Bosnian | Croatian | English | German | Serbian |
  • Psychologists Gouda

Ghislaine Regout, Psychologist, Arnhem

The Expat Psychologists - Ghislaine Regout

Do you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut? Do you feel afraid, anxious, sad or stressed? As a psychologist, I can offer you support and listen to you without judgement. The therapy will be centred around your wishes, and by providing therapeutic treatment, I will offer you the help needed so you can get back on your feet. My aim is to help you straight away, so there are no waiting lists, and making an appointment outside of office hours is possible as well. I mainly work in Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Ede-Wageningen – and in London in the UK – but meeting up somewhere else, preferably in the region, can be discussed.


Freek Sarink, Psychologists, Leiden

The Expat Psychologists - Freek Sarink

Roberto Bini, Psychologists, Sittard

The Expat Psychologists - Roberto Bini