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About Monique - psychologist in Leiden

Psychologist Leiden - Monique Koel

Let me start from the beginning
I was born as the youngest of four children. From an early age I was fascinated by fairy tales and stories. I loved to hear them, tell them or make them up myself. It wasn't just the stories that appealed to me. I also realised how personal stories are, how people can meet each other and connect through them and how everyone creates his or her own story. The latter would prove to be the foundation of my work as a therapist. But first things first.

In business
My own story initially took me abroad; France, Denmark and in particular Copenhagen. I worked abroad and am still actively involved in international business in the Netherlands. In 1999 I participated in a coaching programme which influenced me deeply. Not only with regard to my own development, but also in terms of offering people guidance about the path of their own lives. To help them write their story. One thing led to another - I studied at Phoenix in Utrecht, participated in more trainings and workshops and specialised my knowledge. Three years later, I started guiding people in their own personal development. My international background is now reflected in my work. My experience working with people from all parts of the world has made me aware of the importance and value of cultural aspects in therapy. This is particularly evident in conflicts and issues surrounding relationships (both private and professional). I can help you recognise your own values and your way of communicating. I can help you connect in a way that enables you to complement each other, reduce differences and connect more closely with each other.

As a therapist in Leiden
I believe that, as a therapist, it is my strength to help you realize that your story is worth telling and that you can influence how you and others interpret each chapter. Each therapy programme is unique: drawing on a wide range of approaches we devise a programme together that best suits you and your story and then we start outlining the next chapters together.

As a person
The stories I help my clients write are authentic to them without exception. The most precious moment for me is the moment when you rediscover your ability to write your own story rather than play a bit part in your own life. The moment that gives you spark in your eyes, that wasn’t there when I first met you.


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