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About Suzana - psychologist in Eindhoven

Helping people
Psychologist EindhovenI’ve always wanted to help people. I am just fascinated with what goes on inside people's minds. I first learned about psychology during high school, where it was part of the curriculum. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recognized myself in the matter, absorbed the subjects and I knew: this is what I want to do.

Unnecessary pain hurts me
I am deeply convinced that ‘suffering’ can be constructive, that it can make you a better person. Unnecessary suffering is wasting a part of your life, while we all have the ability to heal, to learn and to change.

I studied psychology with health science as my major. After my studies I wanted to practice as quickly as possible as a psychosocial counselor, focusing on immigrants with a variety of symptoms.

Perception and enhancement
The way I live my life, is how I am in my work: with a need to grow, to enhance and to enrich. I can help you move forward when you find yourself in difficult circumstances.

I want to learn about your issues, as a fellow human being and as your psychologist. You will notice that the initial symptom will be the start of a positive path. In the end, not only your issue has been dealt with, the rest of your life will be positively influenced.

This is one of the reasons why my profession is so beautiful. I am allowed to join your path for a small stretch of your life, at an important moment of your life. To be part of the changes is again and again quite wonderful for me to witness.

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